Ai frutti di Mare

$16 Large, $12 Small

An Italian seafood pizza that may be served with scampi, mussels or squid.


$16 Large, $12 Small

Folded over dough usually filled with ricotta and other ingredients.

  • Folded

Focaccia al rosmarino

$12 Large

A pizza based on rosemary and olive oil sometimes served with prosciutto, usually served as an appetizer.

Pizza al taglio

$24 Large, $16 Small

A variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays and sold in rectangular or square slices by weight.

Pizza ai quattro formaggi

$16 Large, $12 Small

Pizza with four different kinds of cheese (sometimes melted together, sometimes in sectors), with (rose, red) or without tomato sauce (bianca, white).

Pizza Margherita

$16 Large, $12 Small

Tomato and mozzarella.

  • Delicious

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